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When Mal steps on stage, don't expect vanishing lions or a hat full of pigeons.

Expect to hear the laughter of an audience enjoying comedy magic at its best!
Expect to see an audience
gasping in amazement at
the impossible made

Expect the magic of people
enjoying top quality
professional entertainment
This kind of performance is
very funny.

Very magical and
very entertaining.
A Cabaret performance is perhaps the best way to entertain
larger groups of people and  is best suited to a seated audience

This service is available for both private or company events  
alike, be it a wedding. Gala dinner, promotional event or product launch
Mal Sanderson is a seasoned cabaret performer and an ideal choice for your after dinner entertainment.

Whilst the show is small enough to be performed at a house party for few as 20 guests, it can also
be enjoyed by the large groups of people and is best suited to a seated audiences.

A Cabaret  performance is an excellent way to entertain. You can be sure that Mal Sanderson's
show will add a real spark to your event.  
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